X-Joy Games
Crossing paths
Crossing joy
Video games are X-Joy's first love. These games began with the flagship title Dash Blitz, which embodies the spirit of freedom underpinning X-Joy's style.
Dash Blitz
Unfinished - Early Access
A fighting game based on classic run-and-gun platformers. The action brings players head-to-head at breakneck speed.
Combining lightning speed with perfect air control, the movement system in Dash Blitz is unlike any other fighting game. Simple controls and the true freedom of movement and attacks makes for a game that's easy to learn, but hard to master.
While Dash Blitz isn't currently under development, the current version features 13 playable fighters and a beta for online multiplayer. The free demo features 6 playable fighters with the full roster of AI opponents.
You can find Dash Blitz and its free demo on Steam.
Maggie Magnet
In Development
A simple platformer about a magnet trying to save her sister from a magician's pocket-sized world. Use your magnetic abilities to push and pull your way through a variety of levels.
Features a level editor and a simple text-based loader for custom levels.
Maggie Magnet will be available to play right here in your browser! When it's ready. It's coming along nicely, though!