X-Joy Games
Crossing paths
Crossing joy
The freedom and imagination at play in tabletop games make them a natural fit for X-Joy.
The games listed here are still in the early conceptual stages of development, but if you're interested, feel free to read about them.
Universal Tabletop RPG System
In Development
Pathways (formerly PATHs) is a lightweight system that defines characters with a few simple words - stats are their nouns, skills are their verbs and traits are the myriad adjectives that distinguish characters from one another.
Skills dictate the number of ten-sided dice (d10's) characters can roll and choose between, and stats are added to the end result.
Traits are the real heart of Pathways. They can be virtually anything, and provide bonuses both to the dice you roll and to the final result of your action.
Pathways is currently in its third round of playtesting and looking better than ever. Expect to see more information here soon!
Tactical Card Game
In Development
A card game about various worlds coming into conflict. Rather than attacking players directly, you win by controlling the field.
Mindscape is designed to be played in a singleton format, meaning player's decks can only have one copy of any given card. Instead of stacking their deck to increase their odds, players can keep a secondary Reserve Deck that houses their key cards, and spend Mana to pull cards from reserve.
Mindscape's projected business model would be one that minimises the need for collecting to stay competitive, releasing complete playsets with no random cards. Potential exists to sell individual cards at a fixed rate, allowing players to get the cards they want and dictating the value of cards - thus preventing key cards from spiking in value.
Because I actually like card games, not playing the lottery.
Mindscape is, conceptually, fully formed. It's a long way off showcasing, however.